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Vital Meals is a new non-profit venture set up in response to the global Corona Virus pandemic. Run by Ayesha Pakravan-Ovey, the head chef & founder of The Plattery, we are cooking & delivering free nutritious meals to anyone unable to feed themselves during this difficult time. This includes (but is in no way limited to) the elderly, the vulnerable, the high risk, the homeless, single parent families who can’t take their children to the shop (and can’t leave them at home), children now unable to access a cooked meal due to school closures, those on low income/Universal Credit or those just unable to access food for whatever reason, including NHS staff & Key Workers. If you are in need of free cooked meals, please click HERE

In our first week, we were cooking & delivering about 10 meals a day in Battersea only. Now in our 6th month we are now providing 300 meals a day, have done over 20,000 meals in total, have raised over £30,000 in Crowdfunding.

We also offer something called a 'Parcel to Plate' which is for anyone that receives a food parcel but still struggles to cook or prepare meals (due to medical reasons or other). Click HERE if you are in need of a Diversion Meal or for  more info on how this works. 


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